Site Clearing Services Nashville, TN Adam Nash Enterprise Inc. offers site development and construction services for property owners and building contractors in the state. We help our clients in their property development and construction projects by providing services that require technical skills and expertise. We are now considered as Tennessee's leading site development contractor, particularly in performing site preparation, land clearing, excavation and grading, demolition and hauling, roadway installation, and other construction-related jobs. Most property owners from Mt. Juliet and surrounding areas also rely on us when it comes to the installation of vital features in their properties, such as storm water retention facilities, drainage and sewage systems, erosion control structures, and underground utilities. Please call us now at (615) 390-0948 to get more information about our range of service.


If you are looking for a company that can work on all kinds of excavation projects, please call us. We can handle residential, commercial, and even industrial excavation projects because of our complete tools and equipment. Once we’re done with our work, your site will be ready for the installation of various structures and amenities such as drainage systems, utilities, building foundation, ponds and other water features. Read More About Excavation »

Grading & Site Prep

Proper grading and site prep is critical in any construction project. Our company will follow the site development plan and utilize our resources to ensure outstanding outcomes. Hire us if you will build or install driveways, private roadways, water features, outdoor living spaces, landscapes and paved amenities. We also offer our grading services to commercial and industrial clients who are looking for reliable contractors. Read More About Grading & Site Prep »

Lot & Land Clearing

Most property improvement projects will require lot and land clearing. If you are the property owner or a general contractor in charge of the construction project, you will need the help of Adam Nash Enterprise Inc. Our company has all the tools and equipment needed for small to large land clearing jobs. We will remove vegetation, permanent structures, utilities, and other obstructions at reasonable costs. Just call us and we'll discuss our rates. Read More About Lot & Land Clearing »

Erosion Control

At Adam Nash Enterprise Inc., we have people who are experts in the design and installation of erosion control structures. We build sturdy retaining walls, riprap, silt fences, and other concrete structures to prevent soil erosion in your property. We also use modern control methods such as the use of geotextile, mulches, and erosion control mats. We make your property safer with our effective and proven erosion control methods and techniques. Read More About Erosion Control »

Forest Mulching/Mastication

Do you have a vast land area that must be cleared of vegetation? If yes, please call us at Adam Nash Enterprise Inc. We can remove trees, shrubs, and other types of vegetation with our forest mulching/mastication machines. Our heavy duty equipment is operated by well-trained crews, so you are assured that the job will be performed efficiently. They will also ensure safety in the work area. Read More About Forest Mulching/Mastication »


You must hire a contractor with extensive experience in demolition projects. A well-experienced contractor like us can guarantee a worry-free removal of old or damaged structures in homes and commercial properties. We follow industry standards and local laws when performing demolition jobs. We can handle complete teardowns and partial removal of structures such as walls, fences, and paved surfaces. Read More About Demolition »


Our hauling service is proven and tested by countless satisfied Tennessee clients. We have a fleet of trucks that can deliver all kinds of construction materials or dispose of debris and other waste materials from your project site. We can also work with landscapers and other local contractors in the state. Read More About Hauling »

Private Roadways

Building private roadways is another expertise of Adam Nash Enterprise Inc. We have the tools and equipment as well as skilled manpower who know how to build reliable and long-lasting roadways. We use only premium quality materials and strictly follow building codes to ensure the structural integrity of your private roadway. Read More About Private Roadways »


We offer superb driveway design and installation to our industrial, commercial, and residential clients. We work with materials like concrete, asphalt, gravel, road base, and pavers. Whether you want something economical or more durable and expensive, our company can help. The team will work with you, helping you understand the pros and cons of the various driveway materials, helping you make the right decision. We have the knowledge, skills, and resources to design and install the best driveways according to your needs and budget. You can be sure that the driveway we install will be the perfect complement to your outdoor areas. The installation crews complete the job systematically, as per your approved plans and within the committed timeframe and budget. Our company can help with new driveway installation, as well as replacement of an existing one. We are focused on quality and offer reliable, high-quality services. Read More About Driveways »

Underground Utilities

The installation and removal of underground utilities must be left in the hands of professionals. These vital installations require people with technical expertise and task-appropriate tools. Knowledge of local regulations is also necessary. So if you want to ensure a hassle-free underground utility installation or removal, contact us today. Read More About Underground Utilities »

Storm Water Retention

Storm water can cause serious damage to outdoor structures, landscaping, and building foundation. You can avoid these problems by installing storm water retention facilities in your property. Let us handle the design and installation of these facilities if you want to effectively control storm water runoff and flooding in your property. We can build these structures at reasonable costs. Read More About Storm Water Retention »

Water & Sewer

Among the local contractors that you can hire for your water and sewer needs is Adam Nash Enterprise Inc. Our people have decades of combined experience in the construction industry, so we know the right design that will work well for your property. We design Tennessee-compliant water and sewage systems that are also guaranteed efficient and long-lasting. Read More About Water & Sewer »

Septic Tanks

We provide our clients with both residential and commercial septic tank services. Our professionals will assess the needs of your site and property to determine the appropriate type of septic system that will work best. We have all the correct equipment and machinery to get the job done fast and efficiently and will ensure that your new system is functioning properly with our maintenance and repair services. Read More About Septic Tanks »

Utility Repairs

Every commercial, residential, and industrial property has a range of utility lines. Some of them are made for water transportation, while others carry sewage and wastewater. All these systems must be in the best condition to work efficiently and last longer. However, if there is any deterioration or damage, contact us for timely and affordable utility repairs. Our team is licensed, trained, and they can handle utility works, including water line repairs, water drainage repairs, sewer line repairs, and septic tank repairs. We use the best tools, equipment, techniques, and materials in our work so you can be sure that your water and sewer lines will be in good condition now and in the future as well. We ensure that the repairs are in line with local rules and regulations, covering our work with guarantees. We aim to provide services that exceed your expectations and provide excellent value for money. Read more about Utility Repairs »

Foundation Repairs

The foundation of your home plays a crucial role in its overall condition. The foundation supports your home by uniformly distributing the structure's weight to prevent settling. Our foundation repair crew has the knowledge and experience essential to remedy the issue efficiently and effectively. We can assist you if you are building a commercial facility on a large plot of land or require foundation repairs for your home. We provide our clients with outstanding services via systematic work. We also offer custom block column installs, a variety of foundation and core basement wall repairs, water management, and other waterproofing and stabilization treatments to prevent or reduce prospective foundation repair concerns. No task is too large or too small for us, and you can rely on us to provide the most effective solutions at affordable prices. Before suggesting solutions or repairs, we assess the damage or degradation and take note of the underlying ground and soil condition. Read more about Foundation Repairs »

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