Erosion Control

One of the environmental hazards that every property owner should be concerned about is soil erosion. It can cause massive damage to structures, landscape features, and even injuries to people. But these scenarios can be avoided if you have erosion control structures built in strategic areas in your property. They must be professionally designed to ensure the structure’s reliability and durability. The design is always dependent on various factors such as your needs and the topography of your property. If you are still looking for professional installers, go for those who are well-experienced like us at Adam Nash Enterprise Inc.

Erosion Control Specialists

Adam Nash Enterprise Inc. is one of Tennessee's soil erosion specialists. We have several years of experience in property development projects so we know how this particular job is done. We assure you that we will create the right erosion control structures in your property. The structures will be carefully planned and designed to meet the requirements of your property. For example, hilly areas may require reinforced retaining walls to effectively hold large amount of soil that can erode anytime. For landscaped areas, the segmental retaining walls are commonly used since they can act as an effective soil barrier. In addition, property owners are now using this type of wall for decorative purposes.

Aside from the retaining wall structures that we can design and build in your landscape or outdoor area, we can also work on other types of soil erosion methods and techniques. We can help you control or eliminate the risk by planting vegetation in erosion prone areas. However, this method will not provide immediate protection since you have to let the plantings grow and establish their root system. Another common method, which can be done in DIY manner, is mulching. Mulches are also effective in preventing soil erosion in landscaped properties. Just be careful when choosing this method since mulches can bring unwanted pests in your garden or landscape. The use of geo-textile for erosion control is also gaining popularity. If you want this option, just call us at Adam Nash Enterprise Inc.

Effective Soil Erosion Methods

At Adam Nash Enterprise Inc., we don't limit our options to popular erosion control methods. We know that each property owner has its own requirements, so we tailor-fit our solutions to his or her needs. In some cases, building sturdy retaining walls will already reduce the hazards but we highly recommend custom-designed structures that can effectively prevent soil erosion. We are one of the few companies in Mount Juliet with modern tools and equipment, so we can assure clients that the structures will be effective in controlling soil erosion. Our erosion control structures are also proven to last a lifetime because of our skilled people and use of top-quality materials. We have partner suppliers who provide us with premium quality products and materials at reasonable rates.

Please call us at (615) 390-0948 to talk with one of our soil erosion specialists. We also encourage you to visit our office in Mount Juliet, TN so we can show you our list of completed soil erosion control projects.

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